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Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30

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Brett N. Rodgers Chapter 13 Trustee

Brett N. Rodgers, Chapter 13 Trustee for the Western District of Michigan. The Trustee is assigned to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases assigned to Judge Dales in Grand Rapids (Prefix DG), Judge Gregg in Grand Rapids (Prefix GG), Judge Boyd in Traverse City (Prefix BT), and Judge Gregg in Kalamazoo (Prefix GK)  filed in the Western District of Michigan.

Correspondence Address

99 Monroe Ave NW
Suite 601
   Grand Rapids, MI 49503
    Phone: (616) 454-9638
              Fax: (616) 454-9798

Chapter 13 Payment Address

Brett N. Rodgers
Chapter 13 Trust Account
2482 Momentum Place
Chicago, IL 60689-5324

TFS Payments

Our office is now set up to accept payments from TFS. The link to TFS’s website is as follows: Please note that the Trustee’s office just accepts payments from TFS. If you (or your client) are having issues, you will need to contact them for support.

TFS MoneyGram - Same Day Payments

TFS is only to be used after approval from the Trustee. TFS will be primarily used for retired or self employed debtors or special cases where you and the trustee agree. Per the local rules if the debtor is employed they are to be on a payroll order unless a motion is filed or an agreement can be reached with the Chapter 13 Trustee.