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Starting July 1, 2017 we will no longer be accepting documents through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or You will now be able up upload documents through If your office does not have a user name and password please complete the above form (Internet Information Access Agreement). 

TFS Payments

Our office is now set up to accept payments from TFS. The link to TFS’s website is as follows: Please note that the Trustee’s office just accepts payments from TFS. If you (or your client) are having issues, you will need to contact them for support.

TFS MoneyGram - Same Day Payments

TFS is only to be used after approval from the Trustee. TFS will be primarily used for retired or self employed debtors or special cases where you and the trustee agree. Per the local rules if the debtor is employed they are to be on a payroll order unless a motion is filed or an agreement can be reached with the Chapter 13 Trustee.

Reminder to Attorneys - please remind your clients to pay their post petition property taxes if they are not escrowed through their Chapter 13 Plan.

Attorney Fees - Memorandum Regarding Allowance of Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses for Court-Appointed  Professionals - As Amended Effectivee October 1, 2013


Copy of the letter for Tax Return And Refund Requirements


Please insure that when you provide a copy of tax returns and all W2/1099 forms to our office that you black-out the following:

         First 5 digits of debtors' social security number

         Entire name & entire social security number of children

         Banking account numbers and routing numbers

Also, we are requesting that all documents be emailed in PDF format to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


To all Debtor's counsel:

Below see plan language I would approve to give creditors adequate notice to file joint claims when the Debtors take the state entireties exemption under 11 USC § 522(b)(2) and MCLA 600.5451(1)(o). This will prevent a later costly Notice from going out and should preserve the Claims bar date. Thanks, BNR


The Debtor(s) have claimed the “State Exemptions" pursuant to 11 USC § 522(b)(2) and MCLA 600.5451(1)(o) in regard to certain real and personal property owned by the Debtor(s) and his/her spouse as tenants by the entireties. Under Michigan law, however, such property may not be exempt as to creditors who hold a joint claim against the Debtor(s) and his/her spouse. As a result, legitimate Joint Creditors may receive a larger dividend than creditors who have only an individual claim against the Debtor.

Creditors are advised that they have until the bar date set forth in the “Notice of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case, Meeting of the Creditors and Deadlines” (deadline to file Proof of Claim) to file a Proof of Claim in this Bankruptcy proceeding which must be clearly marked as a “JOINT CLAIM” if you hold a joint claim against the Debtor(s) and his/her spouse or are otherwise entitled to a joint judgment against them. Such claims must attach any supporting documentation to support the joint claim and should be filed according to the instructions on the Proof of Claim form you receive from the court. Failure to file a joint claim or individual claim by the aforementioned deadline will result in no dividend being paid to you. If you have any questions regarding the above you should contact your attorney.


When a Chapter 13 Case converts to Chapter 7 and the debtor's attorney files an Application for Fees they should either mail, fax or email the Chapter 13 Trustee a copy because they will not receive notice of the application electronically.