Zoom 341 Meeting of Creditors Instructions

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  2. Review USTP Best Practices for Debtors and Attorneys Click Here.
  3. Instructions for Joining a Zoom 341 hearing:  Click Here
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Click Here to Join Section 341 Meeting for Brett N. Rodgers Chapter 13 Trustee

Meeting ID: 751 857 4821

Passcode: 5763327358

If you are a creditor, you may join by telephone but please first call our office at 616-454-9638 to let us know what case you will be appearing on and what phone number you will be using to dial-in to Zoom. Call 269-245-0085 , enter meeting ID 751 857 4821, and passcode 5763327358. If joining by Zoom, please ensure your screen name reflects the creditor’s name and the case you are appearing on.

For Debtors & Attorneys: Please practice before the 341 to ensure that your clients have access to good Wi-Fi and are able to connect both their video and audio. Please instruct your clients to enter their “name,” as it is shown on the Petition when they launch the Zoom meeting; otherwise, we would have to figure out who “Mom’s iPhone” or “iPhone 14” belongs to.

NOTE: Everyone joins the SAME Zoom Meeting ID and Passcode. Joining the with the Meeting ID and Passcode will take you to a “Waiting Room” until you admitted into the Main Session. You will be admitted into the main session when your case is ready to be called. The Trustee’s assistant will send periodic updates to the waiting room to update those in the waiting room what case the Trustee is on and what case will be called next.

ACH Disbursement

The Trustee’s office now offers ACH disbursements to Creditor’s and Debtor attorneys.

If you or your firm is interested in this method of payment from the Trustee, please fill out and sign the ACH Disbursement form and return it to our office for processing. Please contact our office at (616) 454-9638 with any questions about this new procedure.

ACH Disbursement Form


Trickett Notice, Cases Converting from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7, and Reminder to Attorneys

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Brett N. Rodgers

Chapter 13 Trustee

Brett N. Rodgers, Chapter 13 Trustee for the Western District of Michigan. The Trustee is assigned to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases assigned to Judge Dales in Grand Rapids (Prefix DG), Judge Gregg in Grand Rapids (Prefix GG), Judge Boyd in Traverse City (Prefix BT), and Judge Dales in Kalamazoo (Prefix DK)  filed in the Western District of Michigan.


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